Street Dance Classes every Wednesday at the Scout Hut, 
Midway, Middleton Cheney. First class free as trial. 
Classes between £3.25

3.50pm – 4.20pm – Street Kidz (4-6yrs)
4.20pm – 4.50pm – Street Kidz (7-10yrs)
4.50pm – 5.20pm – Street Dance (11yrs+)

Street Dance is an incredible fun and popular dance form, 
pupils will have the opportunity to learn exercises, 
movements & routines to RnB, Pop and Dance music. 
This fun, energetic and popular class is greatfor building 
confidence and expanding your dance style and
Think Diversity and Flawless, come and have fun!

Contact Lorraine on 07711 010404 
or email Lorraine@loveballet.co.uk

www.loveballet.co.uk for more information