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Don’t leave others to step in it!

Press Release


Date: 30 October 2014

Issue: SNCPR2717

For Immediate Release


Don’t leave others to step in it!

Most of us remembered to put the clocks back last weekend – but if you are a dog owner there is just one more thing to remember as the nights draw in, don’t forget to ‘bag and bin’ your dog’s mess when you are out and about in public places.

The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their dog, but for those that don’t they are breaking the law as dog faeces pose a public health risk.  If an officer from South Northamptonshire Council witnesses a dog owner not picking up they may be liable to a fixed-penalty fine of £75.  If the fine is not paid the owner could be fined up to £1,000 plus court costs.

We have also issued fixed penalties where a member of the public has witnessed a dog owner failing to pick up.  

Some owners wrap the dog mess in a plastic bag, but then leave it at the side of the path.  This is a littering offence and if the offender is found guilty in a Magistrates' Court the fine could increase to £2,500 plus costs and they will get a criminal record.

Cllr Andrew Grant, deputy leader and portfolio holder for environmental services, said:  “Thoughtless dog owners are not only spoiling other people’s enjoyment of our streets and countryside but also threatening public health and giving responsible dog owners a bad name.  For this irresponsible minority the message is clear – they risk being prosecuted.”

The best place for wrapped dog waste is in your own black household wheeled bin, but it can also be placed in any dog waste bin provided by your town or parish council.  Failing that it can be placed in any street litter bin.

Stepping in dog waste is not just unpleasant but it is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria such as Campylobacter and Salmonella, and other forms of infection.  The most damaging of these is caused by the roundworm Toxocara canis which can pose a serious health risk to any individual unlucky enough to ingest infected soil.

For more information on dog fouling and how to report someone for failing to clean up after their dog visit or call 01327 322323.


Notes to editors:
• If a dog owner does not clean up after their dog in a public place they are breaking a Dog Control Order under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

For press enquiries contact: 
Clare Smith
Communications and PR Officer 
South Northamptonshire Council 
01327 322305


Poppy Items

POPPY ITEMS have now been distributed to Shops, Pubs and other outlets throughout the village. The popular, Children's Wristbands will be available in both schools after half term. Thank you to everyone who has agreed to promote the Poppy Appeal this year and thank you to everyone who wears a Poppy and supports this important fund raising event. Your contributions are very much appreciated.


Volunteer for that ‘special’ job

Why not make a difference to your day and volunteer as a special constable? Chat with recruitment officers about the application process at Towcester Leisure Centre, Springfields between 3pm to 7pm tomorrow (Thursday 30).
Anyone that can’t make either of these dates can find out more at!/SpecialConstabulary or email any questions to the team at


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